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I used to use this app but got bored of it and i dont know why because i recently just fell in love with it again and i cant stop!

Over priced!

Great, addictive game if you can afford to sink hundreds of dollars into it each month. It has become way to expensive. Customer support is awful. Offers rarely pay out. Prizes are left unworn because they are so ugly. Entry fees are way too low. Spend $2000 to enter a challenge, get a $200 entry fee and a chance to possibly win a prize. Most 5 star prizes are valued below 4 star prizes. You earn 25 diamonds for 4.5 stars. That buys you a pair of out of season socks at thats about it! Game has tons of glitches and similar issues. Customers are talking of quitting and going on a strike currently. My hope is that the company takes a good look at what is happening before they loose their loyal customers.


I hate this version! Please change it! I am not sure I will continue to play. The worst one!

Used to be such a good app

The new update ruined the game. Now The makeup hardly fits the faces, they took out soooo many face options and removed the ability to change skin colours. The models look horrid every new face is ugly. This update RUINED the game i cant play it until it goes back to normal, if it ever does. WOULD NOT RECOMMEND DOWNLOADING

Very good

I love this game because love a fashion!!!!! En plus yest en français

So disappointed

I am so disappointed with the new update! It is so sad because I used to love this game you cannot even change what colour skin that you want for your model and you cant even choose your make up, so you have to choose what they give you. But the worst thing of all is that you cant control the size of the model. I have gone through so many games and apps, they have gone through so many updates this is the one game that I used to love but this is the worst update Ive ever seen in my entire life. You should be ashamed I hate it. Thank you very much

Hate this update

The latest update has ruined the game

REALLY disapointed

Hate the new version!!! The makeups are limited and ugly, they tried to make them more realistic but its looks weird now. Plus we cant even choose the shape and the colour of the model in challenges! I love the idea of different shape and colour but it would be better if we could at least choose by ourselves! This version is weird and limited... so disapointed!!!!

Unfair and overpriced

The game used to be fun, but every now and then the challenges cost more than people can handle without paying actual money. Also top looks are rigged to favour those who spend more on the app than others. Beware!


Im so bummed. Ive played this game for years and as much as I like the diversity, the other aspects have killed the game. Only certain options for makeup, cant change what body type or colour you want (which is counterproductive on Covets part), and the faces and makeup look horrible. I wish I wouldnt have updated. Its like four years have playing have gone to waste. Someone sold the company and they have no clue what theyre doing. Finished playing, sadly.


Covet is deleting negative reviews so I encourage you to not waste your time or money. They dont care about their customers, theyve made that clear with their shady business practices. You can keep on deleting the concerns from people who made you the company that you are today but we are not going away quietly :)

Hate the new version

very disappointed with the new update. This was one of my favourite games to play and now I dont like it anymore at all. I really liked the old makeup faces and they changed them all, replacing them with totally different makeup faces that arent nearly as nice. They also took away a bunch of the makeup faces. I dont like that you cant change the skin colour anymore when youre creating a look. The only think that I think is good about the new update is the different body types, but that is the only thing. And I still wish could choose your body type. I loved the older version. I wish I hadnt updated.

Fun but at a price

This app can be alot fun its almost like playing with Barbies for adults and zero social stigma lol But the cost is ridiculous and alot of the challenges you cant even enter unless you want to pony up between $7-15 but they always have a daily round and certain challenges only need one or two items thats what I try to stick to after spending $80 in a week I checked myself and stick to the freebies (for the most part)

They dont care about you!!!

This used to be my favourite app, I have spent money to play it and it was so much fun. Since the latest updates, there are glitches and crashing issues. Longtime players are not happy, and its literally a joke how the "customer service" responds to tickets. Dont get addicted to this game!!!


I have been playing covet for a while now. The glitches are endless. The customer service (ticketing system) is horrible. You send in a question and youre always told to double tap the home button and swipe up. Or clear the cache. But its not fixing it at all. And they close the ticket right away so that you cannot tell them it didnt fix the problem! Im honestly contemplating deleting it. Also, its all really a money grab. Prizes dont pay out. You get 100 dollars and 20 tickets a day as your daily income but that cant buy you a damn t shirt.

This version is terrible

I understand you trying to be body positive and all that but the version with all of the different body types is terrible. I hate the way it looks, its not high fashion. The clothes dont look right and theres glitches everywhere. On top of that theres a limited selection of makeup and hair to choose from until you move up now we have to create looks on models we dont even like? At least create an option to choose the model you want, if not for the challenges for your own looks so you can save it the way you want. Theres a reason runway models look the way they do, just like theres a reason glamour models look the way they do. Everything has its purpose and not everyone can be everything. Its a fashion game stop trying to be so politically correct and give us options to choose what we want.

Good game

I like the game! You dont need to spend real money on it (unless you want lots of cash, hair pieces or diamonds) Other people vote on your looks and theres a wide variety of diversity and many many outfits! Great game, I play it everyday :)


The new update is horrible! Bring back the old version!

Good... Before

This game was fun and addictive before. Because of the new update, I lost almost half of my clothes and many of my dresses are not correctly on the woman. Please fix that!

Great game

The recent update is really fun. It adds locked models that are all different shapes and skin tones. Some people are very mad about not being able to style skinny white girls for every challenge and are freaking out. Covet added or skinny dolls and theyre still mad!

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