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Why am I having to buy all my items I won or purchase to wear over again ..thats really unfair and this game has become money hungry to me ...not fun and to expense to play with repurchasing items over and over again

Addicting yet aggravating

I love this game! Especially the travel challenges I can do any time. And I love how frequently new challenges appear. And that I can borrow from my friends closets! However, because so many of the challenges require specific items, and sometimes multiple expensive items, in forced to pick and choose which challenges I participate in. I even had to forego several Runway Rallies because of the rigid requirements.




Disappointed in the newest update: I like the new dolls, BUT part of the fun was being able to customize more than just their makeup. Unfortunately, theyve removed half the makeup options, too.

Will not load. Never loads.

This game has never loaded. And when it does the updates make the actual game worse and worse. Im deleting this app now.

2 year Coveter

I am so frustrated with this app. I have played this game for 2 + years and Im just really really disappointed. This used to be my all time favorite app, I was obsessed. First of all this game was already expensive to begin with now its beyond ridiculous. Its not worth my real money anymore because even when I do buy more diamonds I STILL can only afford to enter about 2 or 3 events. I used to be be able to enter almost every single one available. The requirements to enter are absurd. I mean who can afford FIVE OR SIX $1000 items? We only get $500 for daily event!! The payoff to enter the events just arent worth it. The hair accessories are so overpriced (NINE DOLLARS!!) I refuse to buy any more than Ive already purchased, and rarely use. Its just not worth it. I feel like the pricing on here has gotten way out of hand. And the closet rewards when you hit a new level...WHERE DID THE MAKEUP GO? its so frustrating. As far as the new update, well Im on the fence. I like what youre TRYING to do. I feel like there was already diversity in the game and this is just an option for plus size models.I understand why some people like the preset models bc its more fair BUT I just feel Covet is executing it poorly. I am glad we have the choice to choose between the two. Overall Im at the point where I just dont care to play anymore. As a previous avid daily user I find myself not even opening the app at all anymore. Every time I do I just get frustrated because I dont have a tree with money growing from it in my backyard, and without that tree I cant afford to play this anymore. Im so sad and even a little mad about this. Ive spent way too much money on this game and I feel they are taking advantage of loyal players.

Disappearing items?

Glad we are able to switch back to Classic mode, but still experiencing the problem certain items being taken off my model when I try something else on (for example, I try a sweater on her, and her shoes disappear, even when Ive already purchased the shoes). Annoying and runs the risk of me submitting a model with what I *thought* was a complete look, because she *was* wearing the garments Id assigned to her. Thanks!

Its fun but....

I hate when it makes you buy your owned clothes.. whats the point

Where are my diamondzzz ????

When will I get my diamonds from the watched videos ????? I am really tired of it and its really annoying and frustrating. Fix it plz. Dont spoil the game!!!


The model in my game doesnt load so I can not style and enter any events . Its been two days now. What should I do ?


Awesome game. Ive always loved fashion. Thank you for this game.


Its okay it could have been better

Great, But...

So I used to be very addicted to this game and loved it. Now, I seem to be losing money instead of gaining it. If I need to spend over $1000 on a style challenge, dont only give me $200 back. I hate how when I need a very specific item it is far more expensive than the money I make from the challenge. Make it easier to get money so I dont have to spend real life money to get cash

Best game ever love the new update!

I like the new body types and skin tones! Super cool update ❤️


Fun game, and addictive. So far the only problem I have recently is that my game now wont start and when I got it on earlier it took about a half hour just to get it up. Really annoying. I love the diversity and somehow accidentally got it back to the original setting. I still give it a high rating although, I have buckled and have eventually had to pay (real money) to start getting a better score in some challenges. As well as acquiring enough challenges to get to the free gift. Usually a really nice expensive dress that I wouldnt have been able to afford, either way. Still love this game. Started a few years ago originally didnt get the point of what to do then decided more recently to try this game again. Started over from scratch and loving this game ever since.

I liked the old version WAY better.

So much better. The layout made way more sense and the models were better. No one wants to style an obese blob that the clothes look stretched on.

Cool& fun!!!

I love this app its easy to use and fun for all ages the only thing is it is a social media app. Other than that though I give it two thumbs up!!

Would like to rate higher...

This game has so much potential. Its really fun, when you have the diamonds and cash to spend. Money and diamonds are too hard to come by through natural gameplay. There need to be more ways to earn currency and higher payouts for 4+ star results. Payouts on the Jet Set entries would help as well. Also, many of the challenges just have too many requirements, which is exacerbated by the lack of available currency. The "free diamonds" offers are not reliably paid out, and too many of them require credit card entry or purchase. Id also like to see an addition to the search function that limit by price range. No point Im browsing $1000+ items if I dont have that kind of loot laying around. For rallies, the toggling feature makes goals way too high when people forget to toggle off if they arent active for a while. Basing the goal on entries and not how many people have rallies toggled on would make much more sense. Additionally, paying $9 in real money for a digital hair accessory is just stupid. Lower the price, bundle them, make them buyable with diamonds/game cash, and/or make them winnable. Adding more diversity to the models was a fantastic addition but I think it would have been better executed by making them options instead of using set models for each challenge. Overall my biggest complaint is the difficulty in obtaining in game currency. It really makes the game not fun when I can only enter one or two challenges every couple of days because I dont want to spend real money to buy digital clothing. Consider making a paid version of the game ($5? $7?) and increasing the rewards in the game instead of relying on microtransactions. Id rate much higher and play much more if I could pay one flat fee for the game, get rewards that allow me to enter challenges regularly, and not have to deal with microtransactions or filling out market research surveys for a small amount of diamonds.

Love it!

Im on this app everyday! Im pretty much just as broke on this app as I am in real life because I constantly use it!


Game is pretty good. Since the update though certain dresses wont load so Im unable to use about 6 of my spring 2017 dresses which is kind of a piss off.

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