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Wahou super jeu mais 4⭐️ car il est en anglais

Used to be so damn good

Loved the game but the update ruined everything. The models look horrible and it is no longer any fun to dress them. I no longer have any fun playing ..


Horrible update. Cant play this app now.

New update sucks

Not to be able to change the skin colour anymore and they took away almost all of the make up. Wouldnt recommend the new update, not fun to play anymore.

Rip off

Covets new update is too much for their incompetent team to handle. I bought hair accessories that were deactivated through the update. Covet hasnt even apologized or refunded me even if I complained.

Good update

Every Person with every Skin colour is beautiful, it doesnt matter hoch much you weight or which skin colour you have. I like the new update really much and i really dont understand how the people who complain about it can be so mean and disgusting. If they want to remove the game just because you cant decide if the model is black or white, then its just racist. They dont even try to accustom themselves.


Love the fact that there is now diversity in body types!!!! Have gotten excellent and fast replies when I have emailed for help. One thing I dont like is that the faces look kind of wierd. They all look pouty. A cool thing to add would be the ability to create your own face/makeup look!

The update sucks. I appreciate what youre trying to do but you guys have ruined it. Super glitchy as well

Poor development, lots of glitches, unreasonably expensive

My fashion house won the $10,000 big bag prize in our last rally and the items were never added to my closet. I messaged customer support about it and three days later they finally got back to me and said theyd pass the issue onto the developers. Its now been almost a week and nothing has changed. This is typical covet though. Nothing out of the ordinary. If you can, save yourself the money and hassle and dont play this game.

Lier dont get this app!

They lie... just beware they lie Im really mad...

Disappointed with update

Really disappointed with this update as Ive been playing for years and love being able to choose a look for my "model". I love the idea of including a variety of body types but eliminating choice takes away the freedom and fun of the game. Also Im not sure why I only have 1 makeup choice per level but it seems the game is going backwards instead of forward as far as improving. Please consider revising the game, giving back our freedom of choice and makeup options.


What have you done?? The new update is awful. I appreciate trying to be more inclusive but you have done the opposite. Beauty comes in many shapes and sizes and unfortunately the "new" models reflect the opposite- there are only a few and they are terrible representations because they are ugly!!! If the old version is taken away, I will quit playing and take my money with me.

Really like

I really like the new update, with the new body forms and races its really nice to know every body type is beautiful. But I dont like that its default and you dont get to choose your body type not everyone is curvy, obese or skinny. And not everyone is black, Asian and white etc

Clothes wont load

I liked this game but since the update a lots of my clothes never loads, please fix this!

New update sucks!

I loved this app until the new update. I love the idea of different body types. HOWEVER the fact that they changed how the make up looks makes all the models faces look weird and distorted. Hate it! Please change it back

Its ok

Takes forever but I love playing it sometimes when I have nothing else to do....


A little hard to get a hang of

this is crap

the models faces are completely screwed up, i lost so many hairstyles and makeups with the update. i like choosing my own skin tones for the challenges and im super disappointed even though its about "equality". i havent been playing anymore this is bs

Its a fun game

I really enjoy games like this, the only downside I would have to say is that you dont receive enough cash or diamonds for your daily reward. I find it hard entering challenges because the pieces cost more then they give. I know they want people to pay obviously, but Ive played other games like this and I enjoy them much more because of the difference in money you receive to actually being able to style a look.

0 Stars: They Update Their App As Often As Necessary To Wipe Every Bad Review!

Since the release of the new body types, there has been a disgustingly long list of problems with the interface, with the game, and with the customer service. Covet is notorious for their inability to properly answer tickets sent in by users. The new body shapes and sizes are great, but with them comes limited makeup (that we worked hard to get), ugly faces that contort your appearance (which alters your scores in Voting). There are algorithms in place to benefit people who do not complain or contact Customer Service. Top Looks are carbon copies of each other and even if yours is exactly right, you may be lucky enough to squeeze a 4-star look out of this no-star app. It sucks you dry of money - real money you put in to it AND the money you earn in-game. Covet introduced two modes to play the game on- Classic and Modern, but if you download now you will likely find that you dont have that option and will be forced to use the app on Modern. Covet claimed voting would be separate for each mode but Classic looks are getting matched with Modern looks creating many issues in itself. They offer ways to earn cash and diamonds (The in-game currency to purchase clothing) but then tell you those services are unavailable almost 99% of the time you try to access those features. Covet Fashion regularly makes updates for their app so that is refreshed in the App Store because in doing so they create a new "version" of the app that is different from the version that was available a week ago with over a hundred negative reviews. I will post this review every time they do an update. Do not download!!

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